The plumbing industry is not exempt from technological advances, especially when it comes to fixing pipes.Video pipe inspection is one tool that many companies, AAA Drainage Systems included, use to make pipe repair an easy, efficient, and minimally invasive process. At AAA Drainage Systems, we use CCTV video pipe inspection to fix our customer’s pipes for three main reasons:

  • First, video pipe inspection allows us to determine the root of the plumbing problem. Since pipes are underground, many companies just make a guess as to where the problem is and perform a repair that doesn’t even need to be done. At AAA Drainage Systems, we use video pipe inspection to add to our reputation as an honest and reliable contractor.
  • Secondly, video pipe inspection allows us to fix piping problems without extensively digging up our clients’ property. Since inspecting our clients’ pipes using a video camera allows us to accurately determine the problem without digging up large patches of ground, our customers are pleased that this lessens the impact of the problem and saves them money. However, one thing to keep in mind is that once we identify the problem, we may need to dig up a small area of land in order to fix the problem properly. But rest assured that the damage to your property will be minimal.
  • The thirdand final benefit of using video pipe inspection is that it saves time and money. When we use a video camera to identify the problem within your piping system, it will take much less time and expense than manually digging up land and finding the root of the problem.

The next time you run into a problem with your pipes and don’t want to spend a fortune fixing the issue, call us at AAA Drainage Systems in Orlando, Florida or contact us online to take advantage of our reliable & affordable video pipe inspection services.